We're off!
The Money$peak program has launched and registration is now open! Join in the competition against teams from all over Mercer County. To begin, read the program guidelines, assemble your team and select your topic area. Then, REGISTER YOUR TEAM and begin developing your presentation!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many students can be part of a team?
A: One to six students can participated on a team. Make sure each student registers individually and uses the same team name during the registration process.

Q: How does a team select a presentation topic?
A: Teams should review the Topic Areas Worksheet to understand topic areas fully. Topic areas will require additional research to create a presentation, but the Worksheet will assist in giving ideas of what a presentation could cover. Note that because creativity is a significant component of the evaluation, projects that do not use the example presentation situations will score higher.

Q: Does every member of my team need to be currently enrolled in a course fulfilling the Standard 9.2 requirement in personal financial literacy or entrepreneurship?
A: No. Eligible students currently enrolled in high school who have taken the required course previously are eligible to participate in the Money$peak competition.

Q: Who can answer additional questions?
A: Contact your personal finance teacher. If they are not able to answer your question, call or email contact@moneyspeak.org.