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The Money$peak program has launched and registration is now open! Join in the competition against teams from all over Mercer County. To begin, read the program guidelines, assemble your team and select your topic area. Then, REGISTER YOUR TEAM and begin developing your presentation!
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After the team’s introduction, the team members will have up to five minutes to make their presentation. This three to five minutes does not include necessary time to quickly set up the presentation. The judging panel will allow the participants to complete this portion of the competition without interruption, unless the judging panel or audience is asked to respond as part of the presentation.
Each participant or team member must take part in the presentation. Example: for video presentations, this does not require each team member to appear in the video, but requires that they have had a substantive part in the creation of the video; such as script writing, filming, editing, etc.)
Presenters may use notes or aides during your presentation to assist in presentational effectiveness.
Remember, the maximum creativity score is 15 for the identity theft topic because it tends to be chosen often. Familiarize yourself with all of the guidelines before starting to construct your team’s presentation. After the presentation is completed, judges will complete the Presentation Evaluation Form, making sure to record a score for all categories. The maximum score for the evaluation is 100 points.
  1 2 3 4 Value
Content No demonstrated understanding of selected topic. No apparent application of financial principles. Beginning understanding of selected topic. Intermittent application of financial principles. Good understanding of selected topic. Solid application of financial principles. Advanced understanding of selected topic. Sophisticated application of financial principles. 30%
Clarity Poor accessibility. Idea not developed. No clear focus. Accessible to some. Idea somewhat developed. Some organization. Accessible to most. Idea well developed and mostly sustained. Organized. Accessible to all. Idea fully developed and sustained throughout. Very well organized. 30%
Creativity Medium not successfully used to support message. Unoriginal use of the medium. Not aesthetically pleasing. Basic understanding of how to use the medium to support the message. Not very original use of the medium. Somewhat aesthetically pleasing. Medium is well used to support the message. Somewhat original use of the medium. Fairly aesthetically pleasing. Masterfully integrates message and medium. Unique use of the medium. Aesthetically pleasing. 20%
Performance Unoriginal. Lacks imagination. Doesn't keep audience interest. Typical or commonplace. Limited in imagination. Interesting in parts, but not sustained. Better-than-average. Imaginative, but not entirely practical. Mostly engaging. Unique and imaginative submission. Sparks new ideas. Engaging and attention-grabbing throughout. 20%